Monday, December 12, 2005

Get Paid to Play

Project Entropia
"The Entertainment of the Future"

My son introduced me to Project Entropia just last week... and I found this absolutely fascinating! It is the first RPG that I have ever seen that actually gives you the opportunity to earn money while playing!

You can click the image above to watch the video presentation and learn more about the game itself, and how it works. Basically, the 'virtual universe' has it's own economy... and the exchange rate (PED to USD) is ten to one.

For every $10.00 that you deposit into your PED account, you have $100.00 to spend on Calypso (and your PED goes further than you might think). The twist that really blew me away is this: you can transfer funds earned on Calypso back into US Dollars!

This is a must-see for any RPG fan: . Had you heard of Project Entropia already? Are you playing?? I'd love to hear your thoughts!

This one gets a big thumbs-up from my 14 year old son. And me? I'm all for it. I've purchased computer games for him, paid for subscription-based online games, bought X-Box and all of those gaming systems over the years... but Project Entropia has the potential to pay back ;)

Not only that, but the structure of the game itself certainly teaches some interesting concepts. I would imagine, too, that most of the other players within Project Entropia (who have achieved any minimum level or status) are more serious about their part in this game than they might be in other games available online... simply because they have a monetary investment in it - and the opportunity to earn it back, and then some.