Monday, November 28, 2005

Just Ask Google!

I've heard people complain a few times here recently that Google doesnt return the greatest results... or that they were disappointed in the first 3-5 pages of results, etc. You know what I say to that?

You arent asking the right questions! is my absolute all time favorite search engine... and the most frequently visited web page on my computer. I ask it questions no less than 10 times a day. (And not just "hey, how well does my page rank for such-and-such search term, today?" *laugh*)

My sister Googles, and let me tell you - she is so good that she usually only gets ONE result for her query! She is asking the right questions ;)

Here are some of my actual searches, to give you an example of why I love Google:

How many teaspoons are in a tablespoon?

Or lets say you want directions, or just to see a map - all you have to do is put in the street address and zip code:

333 Commerce Street 37172

(FYI: that is the address to the Bellsouth building - aka 'The Batman Building' - in Nashville. How did I know their street address? I asked Google, of course!)

Google even answers dumb questions!

Where do birds sleep?

(no, not in nests!)

Another good example - my daughter got a set of Astro Jax. We both looked at them with no clue what we were supposed to do with them. Setting a good example for my daughter (and not looking dumb in front of her at the same time), I suggested we "research it".

We were able to find some instructions, animations and even videos through a quick Google search... very helpful! (or so I thought - I honestly dont recommend these Astro Jax things - ouch!!)


This evening I was working on a few of my side projects, and in the back of my mind I was thinking that I might hook up my new wireless keyboard later. I got a great deal the other day on a wireless keyboard and mouse, and I've been undecided as to whether I wanted to hook it up on the desktop or the laptop.

And then a great idea hit me... and I went straight to Google to see if it could be done:

can I hook my dell laptop up to my rca tv?

"Why yes, Lynn, you can! And here's how..." is the answer I got :)

Cool! I'm off to dig up an S-Video cable and check this out!!