Thursday, November 24, 2005

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving to those of you celebrating today :-)

I had a wonderful day, spent with family and friends. Lots of deviled eggs and juicy turkey, hot rolls and giblet gravy... and desserts, mmm! I think I had 7 different kinds of pie :-D LOL

Of course, tomorrow (Friday) is the "biggest shopping day of the year"... and this officially kicks off the Christmas season! Ready? Better get ready if you arent already, because Christmas is just a few short weeks away now ;)

That means get your product based websites ready for holiday sales... on top of getting your shopping lists ready, your decorations hung, christmas cards sent - you know the drill!

So how was your day today?? Got any thoughts about the big holiday month ahead of us?

I am making great progress updating all of my affiliate sites and hope to have them done in the next few days. Sales are already steadily increasing and the stats are showing a lot of promise for the coming weeks.

Here's wishing you a successful and FUN holiday season!

p.s. I am still smoke-free and loving it! ;)