Friday, February 17, 2006

Selling Domains - Big Profit

Find out firsthand how Ellen Braun is turning a big profit selling domain names:

I was once again renewing a domain name which I had never developed into a web site. As I looked at the 15+ domain names that I owned within that registar (there are a few more registered with a different company), I wondered if I could earn some money by selling off my dot-coms.

We've all read about the millions that were paid to the lucky owner of domain names like Although my domain names were not as short and snappy, some of mine were downright cool!

With that in mind, I put up a post listing several domain names for sale in Digital Point's 'sell domains' forum, which you can view here: .

Rob sent me a private message inquiring as to the price of I had registered that domain in order to build a parenting website, however I decided that the domain sounded boring and technical. Instead I purchased and began building a parenting advice site with a more memorable domain name,

I emailed him that my asking price was $80. He responded that the domain name would be a gift for his sister, and he only had $40 to spare. I accepted the $40 offer, and transferred the domain name over to him. It took a few minutes of time on the phone with Yahoo's customer service, and twenty-four hours until the change took effect, yet now I know clearly what to do the next time I sell a domain name!

Considering that I originally purchased the domain name for $2.99 from Yahoo several weeks ago, I earned a whopping 1,337% return on my investment! Not bad at all for a first time domain seller. I plan to try this again soon!

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