Tuesday, August 31, 2004

The Dell Arrived!

Well, after I got all that off my chest this morning, it proved to be a very productive day! The highlight, of course, was when UPS arrived with my new Dell computer system. I peaked in the boxes... it's a beauty!! Now I'm motivated to get my office organized and rearranged, so I can set it up and take it for a test drive ;)

I also managed to get the deposits to the bank, put in a good 8-hour day for my clients, publish my e-newsletter, pick up a new toner cartridge for the faithful old 6L, and reserved the Jungle Gym for my daughter's upcoming birthday party. Site Stats for this week already are in record numbers, too - so all in all, this has been another successful day!

The Cruise

I'm getting really excited about the PowerMoms Cruise in February. The more I think about it, the more I think Alice is an absolute genius! I'll be speaking on the topic of 'Earning Passive Income' aboard the cruise, and when I'm not talking about it... I'll be doing it ;)

Alice has it scheduled so that there is a lot of free time, and plenty of fun to be had... and when she mentioned bringing the kids along, I just had to jump on it! What a treat to grab the kids, hop on a plane, cross the country and catch a cruise... it's the opportunity of a lifetime to share this kind of experience with them!

More on that soon. I believe Alice is launching the PMC website any day now...