Monday, September 13, 2004

John Reese says...

In John Reese's now famous 17 page Newsletter, he made the statement: "Marketing courses and products yield one of the highest returns on investment in the world. But you have to apply the new ideas".

I would have to agree - every dime I have ever spent on this type of material has produced very good results. Those that I have read & used, anyway. I dont always have time to complete them, or to take notes and take action. In fact, often I scan the material specifically for what I am looking for and then run with it. Worth the money? Always!

I've had more time to catch up on my reading lately, though. Having been sick for three straight weeks now, I've had a bit of time on my hands while waiting at the Dr's offices and while 'resting' (reading is a great way to pass the time when you cant sleep!).

For today's visit to the Dr, I took along a couple of printed pieces to read: John Reese's 7/30 newsletter, "how to increase keyword saturation without destroying the flow of your copy" by Karon Thackston, and a search engine checklist that I got from Karon.

I had read John's newsletter issue when it originally came out, but I decided to go back to it and take notes - and get ready to do the Brain Dump exercise. This is very similar to the method I used to create my "10 year plan" - except that I didnt use paper (its all in my head). I like the idea of having it on paper, in front of me, and the timing is good for this type of activity as it will help to remotivate me and get me back on track.

Things are going very well, despite the time off I've been forced to take. My Alexa ranking is 'dropping' very nicely, I've been nominated for placement on GuruDAQ, 6 more sales came in after this weekends newsletter ad ($71.94 in commission), Adsense income has more than doubled - almost tripled (thanks, William!), my Forum is gaining new Members every day, and I've got some good deals in the works that look very profitable ;)

The material I've been reading lately has me very motivated, and is sparking a lot of great new ideas. I look forward to getting well so I can dig in and run with it!!