Friday, September 10, 2004


Outsourcing is a task in itself. Add it to the list. I've put a lot of thought into it the last few days, though, and have decided to make another move in that direction.

Several weeks ago I hired a housekeeper to come in once a week for the 'deep cleaning'. Being home full-time with Grandmother and two kids makes housekeeping a challenge, so this was a real blessing. I can keep up with the laundry and dishes and cooking and shopping and general pick-up all week... and then she steps in to dust, mop and scrub. It's nice. And it took a lot of stress off of me.

At the moment, I'm looking for some help with Grandmother. Being totally confined to the house is becoming a hardship - not to mention, it's wearing on me personally. Simple things, like going to the grocery store or dropping the kids off at school, mean taking Grandmother on an 'outing' - which is not always possible or feasible. She's also gotten into a "wandering" phase even here at home, so I have to keep tabs on her 24/7.

My father does come sometimes to take her for an outing, but it's sporadic and unplanned. I'm generally either exhausted and use that time to take a nap, or I'm knee-deep in a work project that I cant walk away from. Either way, it's not something I can count on or plan for as "free time" to accomplish other things. And more often than not... she comes back wound up -or- exhausted herself, so it's not the best trade-off.

I did manage to get Home Health nurses to come - due to the fact that Grandmother has open wounds (ulcers) that I am dressing daily. I think I had high expectations, though... I really thought they would come more often - or do more. As it is, they are bringing me supplies which saves me a trip to the pharmacy... and basically patting me on the back and saying "you're doing a good job". I wonder how hard it would be to talk them into dressing her wounds *daily* and coming in to handle her baths? I'm not sure... I have her legs almost healed now, so I'm afraid they are going to stop coming altogether.

It looks like I have two options: an in-home sitter, or to drop her off ocassionally at the Senior Center. I'm not sure she'd go for the latter, though that may be the better option for me. Let me tell ya - it's one thing to arrange childcare and playdates for your children... but a 92yo is quite different LOL. She has enough of her senses to tell you what she doesnt want, or what she absolutely isnt going to do - but is losing her mind to a point that you cant reason with her.

For starters, she think she isnt at home, and she is on a serious quest to get there. Some days she packs all day. Some days she says her 'goodbyes' to everyone that stops in for a visit. Yesterday she put her hand on her hip and said to me - with her eyebrows raised - "Well I can tell you one thing - I *wont* be coming back here!". Nevermind that she's lived her 60-something years... she's ever waiting at the door for that "ride home".

There are times that I miss my friends, and my long morning walks. I miss listening to music or drinking a beer on the weekends. And there are times - like now - when I'm sick and need to crawl back in the bed. But it all comes down to a choice... and I made a commitment here that I cannot back out on. And wont.

Back to outsourcing - I do think I'm going to start with those things that are wearing on me the most. That will give me an opportunity to regain focus and make decisions regarding work, and any outsourcing that may be done there as well...