Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Verbs & Adjectives

Continuing to follow Perry and his adventures surrounding travel to the X10 Seminar, this little tip from his latest email really caught my attention:

Only a few minutes ago, Alex Mandossian finished his segment on writing copy. He talked about verbs vs. adjectives.

Verbs are good.
Adjectives are bad.

A famous Leo Burnett Agency study revealed that 24.1% of the words that appeared in 62 failing ads were adjectives.

Now I have to admit to you - I never enjoyed English class. Dont get me wrong... I love to read and I love to write, but analyzing it all just ruined it for me. I maintained the grades, but considered it pure d-r-u-d-g-e-r-y!

Give me a pen and paper, and I could write ALL day. Give me a book, and I wont put it down 'till I finish it. Make me edit or critique it - and BLEK :p
I'll find something else to do real quick ;)

I'm finding 'copywriting' to be much of the same - except now I am motivated, as I see the need to learn it - - and master it! I've had my nose buried in books on copywriting for the last several weeks, now - and the concepts and strategies are brilliant... and actually - - interesting. Still, reading and learning is one thing... but ripping a page to shreds with an ink pen and highlighter still isnt my idea of a fun project.

But Verbs & Adjectives - this, I can do ;)
It's as good a place to start as any...

(Leave it to Perry to take some mind-blowing insight or boring statistics and simplify it into something that is so easy you can just grab it and run with it!)

*By the way, after that big rant on Search Engine Madness, I started a redesign on SSWT - I'll give you a sneak peek as soon as I get it somewhere near ready! ;)