Saturday, September 04, 2004

Logos and such...

I'm back to work and feeling super-motivated! Of course, it's Saturday - which is my favorite day of the week ;) And, as usual, I got up early this morning to work on a few of my own projects. I do have a bit of catch-up work to do with my clients today after taking some time off for the last two days... so I'm planning to get that off my plate first.

About that 'day off' thing - I honestly dont recommend it. It was NO fun at all! And while I am still sick, being able to get up and accomplish a few things beats a day in the bed ANY time! I got up this morning and checked out my favorite forums and my email - and boy, was it nice to get back in the swing of things and catch up with everything I'd missed :)

Anyway - I wish you hadnt missed Thursday's entry (lost forever, unfortunately), but to catch you up I was brainstorming about my sites, long term goals & overall organization and streamlining. I'm in some kind of crazy "spring cleaning" mood - right smack dab in the middle of Fall!

So I was checking out Logo's this morning - specifically and . While I'm considering a new template for my sites, and some major updates, the idea for a logo really appeals to me. Something that brands the sites, and evokes visual recognition - on or off the sites. I thought Mike Merz did a good job with his new image, which you can see at the top left of his forum: Internet Marketing for Newbies Forum. (That's his link for "draw-me logos" up there, by the way.)

I havent decided on anything at all... and I'm totally open to suggestions - so fire away! Hmmm... perhaps I should put on a big Logo Contest and solicit ideas and drafts for a cash prize :D

I wish I could just sit down and work on it all today - but I do need to go catch up on those client projects, rearrange the office and hook up the new computer, and get everything out of the office that I want to list on eBay. Perhaps I'll find a good block of time later to devote to my sites ;)