Friday, October 22, 2004

New Google Guy on the Block!

Move over Google Cash - Greg Heslin reveals his (new!) step-by-step system for successfully promoting Affiliate Programs via PPC in Google-Adwords-123. You wont even need your own web site to cash in on the holiday shopping market!

I just bought Greg's new Guide over the weekend, myself - and have barely gotten into it... but its good. And I really like Greg, the author - super nice & sincere guy, which gave me a real good feeling about the purchase. I'll post a full review on SSWT once I complete it ;)

I own Google Profit, Google Cash, the Definitive Guide (Perry), etc etc - as a huge Adwords junkie (lol), every guide has been WELL worth it's investment so far!

I'm also looking at a few new (new to me) Affiliate Networks for affiliate programs to promote via PPC: Max Bounty, Traffic Synergy and Offers Quest . What's your favorite Affiliate Network? Send me a link!