Monday, October 25, 2004

Monday Morning Coffee Break

I have to report in and tell you a bit about this "Brain Dump" experience. After I sat down and put it all on paper in front of me, the rest of the weekend was really (really!) relaxing. I felt a certain sense of peace about it all. No more stressing, no more 67 sticky notes. With everything I want, need and 'should do' neatly categorized and thought over... I felt sort of - - empowered.

This master list that I have in front of me to work from now makes everything so easy. I know exactly what I want, and exactly how I intend to get it. In addition to all of the things that were already on my mind or on my to-do list, it really sparked some creative thinking and I was able to add in several more exciting concepts & ideas.

My focus is sharper than ever - and I am feeling super motivated!

I have to tell you this - and totally off topic - but my Grandmother just walked into my office as I was sitting here writing. She just stood there with her cup of coffee and looked at me for a second, one hand behind her back. I looked up at her, noticed a somewhat different expression on her face, and then broke the silence by asking her, "How's your coffee this morning?"

She seemed perplexed for a brief second there, and then ignored my question and pulled her hand around to show me the silver spoon she had behind her back. It was the spoon I had laid out for her to use in her coffee. Most of the silver is put away, but a few pieces of it managed their way back into the kitchen over time, I guess - I never thought that much about it. Apparently this particular spoon sparked some memories for Grandmother, though...

She had tears in her eyes as she spouted out memories of me as a child, of her mother as a strong-willed community leader, and of her ancestors and their days of farming. She has always been extremely proud of her heritage, able to trace her line all the way back to arriving on the Mayflower.

Her memories werent complete - just little bits here and there. But they are the first she's had in months. And it obviously overwhelmed her. I havent seen her that happy, or even smile at all, in quite a while... so it was a really nice moment for us both :)

Can I just say again... I love this never-ending weekend lifestyle!!

Back to business this Monday morning for me, though, as I have this super-charged feeling of anticipation about the week ahead. The first thing I do when I roll out of bed is check my email - for two reasons. I like to see how much money I earned while I was asleep... and because I know there's always going to be *something* cool waiting there for me. Whether it's a new opportunity, an email from a friend or an enlightening newsletter... it never fails ;)

This morning was no different - and what caught my attention was right in line with my thinking after the intense Brain Dump this weekend. You see, one of my goals is to double my passive income immediately, and to triple it by the end of the year (yes - in just over 2 months). To be honest, I feel very confident about it... as I've more than tripled my passive income once this year, already. But this is a bit of a challenge (which I love! *grin*) as I want to tap into some methods of doing it FAST, and study it a bit - with the intention of documenting it for case studies that I can share with others who are interested in passive income & affiliate marketing.

That's my job, ya know ;)

So the email I got this morning was from Jason Potash - and it was about his 2-day Web Seminar this week. Speakers include Rosalind Gardner and John Reese. Now, I have to stop right there and tell you that, yes - I do feel a bit skeptical about any promotions coming from this crowd. If you stay up to date with the internet marketing circuit, you probably approach these things the same way that I do. And that's not a bad thing!

So what interested me about this particular event? First, the title: How To Make MORE Cash As An Affiliate. I liked the "more" part :)

Next was that it is a web-based seminar, which means no long distance charges and plenty of visuals. I like this style of seminar, with the follow-along powerpoint presentations and such... as it really keeps my attention versus just 'listening in'. And despite any negative impressions we may have... these folks really do put on one hell of a presentation. And the truth is - they know their stuff.

The two-part Seminar is going to be on Tuesday and Thursday evening (Oct 26th & 28th) at 8pm my time on both nights (that's 9pm EST). Perfect for me, as that is when the kids go to bed, and I can actually sit down and give it my full attention. But I also went for the option to get the recording afterwards - which includes the full audio's, visual presentations and a complete transcript. I just have the feeling that this will be good enough to refer back to again and again... and for only $10 more, it wasnt hard to justify adding that on ;)

I cant say I've earned that much off of Jason Potash, but Rosalind Gardner and John Reese have certainly played a big part in my profit increase this year... so this feels like a real solid investment of my time and money. I spent a total of $89 (for both live & recorded versions) and have cleared 3 hours out of my schedule this week - that's it.

A drop in the bucket (more like a drop in the ocean) compared to what they've meant to me and to my business in the last year or so. Seriously. When I think back on where I was a couple of years ago, compared to where I am now... it really amazes me. Not that I was doing so bad then, not at all... just that there's been a dramatic change.

And yeah - I want to be able to say that again next year... and the year after ;)

So, in the 2nd part of this event, they are taking Q&A for a Live Panel Discussion. I definitely want to submit a question... so I'll be pondering on that as I go through my tasks today. Let me know if you have any suggestions as to what I should ask!

If you want to check this out for yourself, click on: Affiliate Marketing Web Seminar. And if you can make the time, definitely be there! If not, check out the option to order the recording. This is a good chance to hear straight from John Reese and ask him ANYthing you like. And Rosalind Gardner, too, of course - take your pick ;)

Monday's mail just arrived and brought in a couple of affiliate checks, so I'm off to the bank and then back to work - plenty of fun stuff to keep me busy around here!