Sunday, October 24, 2004

Working on Weekends?

I slept in this morning :) I think it was almost 9am when I rolled out of bed. After that, I took Grandmother to town and we picked up breakfast... and I stopped on the way home for a hot cappucino. Actually, cappucino is a little much for me - I drink it half 'n half (half cappucino, half black coffee).

I checked my email, worked on a couple of pages of my own website, jotted down a few new ideas that came to mind, and then spent the afternoon playing an online game with a friend. Kind of like scrabble - it was fun :)

The kids had plans for the weekend, so I'm off to pick them up here in a few. Then it will be supper and baths and homework and bedtime - all that stuff. It's been quiet around here with them gone, and I had a really nice afternoon off, so I'm feeling pretty good about everything right about now.

Yesterday turned out to be very productive, start to finish - and it was a great way to end the week. The Brain Dump exercise was particularly helpful, and gave me an opportunity to get a handle on the bigger picture - - all of it: personal goals, financial goals, things that are really important to me, and a plan of action to make it all happen.

I have a couple of projects to work on this evening. Mainly some website updates (for clients), email that came in over the weekend - and I might even have a little time to devote to my own site again, too. I enjoy working on Sunday nights and getting everything ready to go for Monday morning. I really like to start the work week off on the right foot and not with a pile of work. It makes me sleep better... and I dont dread Monday's that way ;)

Actually, I really like Monday's - it's like starting over with a clean slate: "Here we go again! Another week to make progress and make money!". Don't get me wrong, I'm not all hung up on money - far from it, to tell you the truth. But it's almost like a game or a challenge or a gamble - now that I'm in a comfort zone financially. As long as I can make my minimums, which is pretty much on auto-pilot now anyway - everything else is just plain fun!

Of course, I'm just like anyone else - I'm saving up for a house and other things, so it's not like it's all for nothing :p

I used to work 7 days a week because I had to - or because I needed to. I was creating our future, building the foundation. I was pushing hard to pay off old debts and reach certain goals. (It was worth it, by the way - for any of you that are doing that now! *wink*)

I still do work 7 days a week... but I dont work full days, of course. And to me, every day feels like the weekend. Like my casual day today - that could have just as easily been a Tuesday for me. What is it those 9-to-5'ers are doing on their weekends? They're mowing the lawn, meeting a friend for lunch, going out to dinner or the movies, spending time at home with their families, cleaning out the garage or going shopping.

I get to do that stuff any day of the week. So if I'm in the mood to work on something on a Saturday or Sunday (or even until 2am on a Friday night) - no big deal. I really love this "never-ending weekend" lifestyle!!