Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Blog Promotion

It seems to me that promoting a Blog is MUCH easier than promoting a website, or a newsletter. There are so many directories, blog-specific search engines and such that you could literally sit and spend half an hour 'submitting your blog'... and end up with several hundred visitors a day - consistently. How easy is it to get 3,000-10,000 visitors/month to a brand new website?

So here's my tip of the day: If you have a website and a blog, combine them and promote the blog! You'll end up with A LOT more traffic than if you go about it backwards and 'promote the site'. Of course, you also want to consider SEO and all of the other proven methods of gaining new targeted traffic... but for a jump-start, this is a smart move ;)

Paul Short, over at, says he is experiencing really good results with Blog Explosion. It's sort of a 'blog traffic exchange' from what I gather, and after reading Paul's latest post to his blog, I decided to sign up. (It's free, of course.)

I'll keep you posted as to my own results. I'd love to hear from those of you that are already using Blog Explosion. And if you're not yet signed up for it, yourself, I'd venture to say that you should get in now (early) and add a button to your own blog to spread the word:

This looks like it'll be a big hit ;)