Friday, November 05, 2004

Progress Feels GOOD!

After yesterday's post, I felt particularly motivated! I put together a very quick & simple template for the new website that my son and I are working on. With that done, it's just a matter of finishing the content pages and putting it online - which I hope to do by Monday! Even if it's not complete, it can easily be a work-as-we-go type of project ;)

I also made a lot of progress with the one page sales-letter website that I mentioned, and plan to have it online and ready to go by Monday as well. All I need to do for both is set up the hosting under my main account, and point the domains... which I think I'll do today just to make sure they are both ready to go live by Monday morning ;)

The third domain that I am developing is already pointed to the account that I set up for it. This is what I LOVE about my hosting account with ThirdSphere - it houses all of my domains and websites, making everything very easy to manage from one all-inclusive control panel!

This third site that I am working on is NOT an affiliate-based website, while the first two that I mentioned are. Instead, this one will be used for content syndication and as a source for traffic and exposure to all of my websites.

I made A LOT of progress on these projects last night - in a very short amount of time - which felt GOOD!

Today it's been back to work for my clients - site updates, programming, etc... with a quick break to send a report out to my faithful subscribers. I included an audio clip in the report, too - which was fun.

I have to admit, it's really hard to critique your own audio (you know how odd it is listening to your own voice!). Also, finding any amount of "quiet time" to record is nearly impossible around here... so I just went with it on a whim and decided to put it out there. Who knows, maybe it'll at least give someone a good laugh ;)