Thursday, November 04, 2004

Rolling Right Along...

Everything is rolling right along real nicely. New opportunities, inspiring conversations, much-needed downtime, serious organization, exciting progress, little ventures on the side... and work has been downright FUN lately!

The whole email fix was PERFECT. You wouldnt believe the difference - not only in how it all looks, but even in how I *feel* when I open my email program. What a relief! And I actually use my Inbox as a task organizer so it has really helped in productivity, too ;)

I registered a new domain name this week for a site I hope to launch within the next week - yes, a rush! I'm also working on another "mini site", which is a one-pager. Almost done, and really need to get that one up quick, too. I'm also very close to uploading the new template for my sswt site - - just lack some content, but really need to put a rush on this one, as well.

In addition to that I'm finishing up some client projects, looking into some really cool content syndication options, setting up some great JV's, tweaking my PPC Campaigns... and have about 342 other ideas & projects brewing!

Busy week? Um - yeah!

But definitely a good one ;)