Friday, November 05, 2004

Quittin' Time!

Every Friday we take a little road trip - just an hour or so round trip to take my daughter to meet her Father so that she can spend some time with him for the weekend.

Grandmother goes along, of course, and she really enjoys the ride. A few months ago I was flipping through the radio stations on the way home and caught them playing the National Anthem on a local country radio station. My grandmother immediately put her hand over her heart and sang along.

It was sweet - real sweet.

So I've gotten in the habit of hitting this station at 5 o'clock every Friday on the drive home - but they actually do a lot more than just play the National Anthem. They go through this whole Quittin' Time! routine that starts with them playing Rocky Top (yes, complete with the banjos and all!). This happens to be the Tennessee State Song (oh my) so anyway - Grandmother really likes this one too (lol) - foot tappin' the whole way.

They blow the whistle, and carry on - it's really a riot! So this has become our little routine on the way home every Friday and I always get a big kick out of it. It's hilarious!!

And, too, it's a great little reminder - celebration, if you will - that I'm FREE. I am one of the very few on the road at that hour that ISN'T trying to get home from "work" :)

Speaking of Tennessee, you have GOT to take a look at this. It's a quick little video, and you're gonna love it (hehe):

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Have a great weekend!!