Thursday, February 10, 2005

How Many Hats Do you Wear?

Recently, a long-time subscriber of my newsletter sent me a note via email. Usually I receive questions about marketing, or about specific products... or tips, notices articles - that kind of thing. This one was quite different than the norm and got me tickled. Read for yourself:

Hi Lynn,

Are you by any chance the kind of go-getter business woman who wears numerous hats? I know you are the editor of But, do you do this all by yourself? Do you also do the Clicknewz blog? What about Is that also you? And, what about the Web Service Network? Is that you as well? Is that your business phone number under the McMinnville, TN address?

If it's all you, Lynn, how do you find time to have a life away from your computer? What's your secret?

Lamar Morgan

(Lamar didnt mind my replying publicly, so here goes...)

Hi Lamar,

You are correct in all of your assumptions: I do own and manage the SSWT site on my own, as well as the ClickNewz Blog and WSN site. I write the weekly newsletter myself, as well as the blog posts, and also moderate the associated Discussion Forum.

Andre Chaperon is my partner in the Turning Ideas Into Dollars website. Together we share the costs and time involved in maintaining this portal - along with several mentors (including: Paul Short, Sharon & Roy Montero, Willie Crawford, Michel Fortin, Rebecca Hagel & Mike Merz) who have joined our Panel of Advisors.

I am also in the process of writing my first book (The Passive Income Guide for Online Business), and have 3 Teleseminars scheduled in the next few weeks. At the same time I am conducting live Training Modules at TIID, managing my Pay-Per-Click Campaigns, and also working with a hand-selected group of web development clients.

I have several other websites that I own, manage or JV on... and other projects in the works (always).

As for "secrets" - I dont have any. A typical day is spent giving the SSWT Forum & TIID Members much of my attention, as well as Clients & the incoming messages in my Inbox. If I have a specific project to work on, or interview to prepare for, I will set aside time to work on that - usually in the mornings or in the evenings, when it's a bit quieter around here.

I truly enjoy my work. Fortunately, much of it is set up to run on auto-pilot, or as efficiently as possible. I make lists, have a kitchen timer that I use daily, and prioritize tasks so that I can stay on target. I also outsource my Link Strategy & article submissions - Albert works with me several hours a day here in the office.

And I should say, none of it is "perfect" - it's all a work in progress ;)

In addition to my work online, I have two children to raise and care for - my son who is now 13, and my daughter 8. I also take care of my 92yo Grandmother full-time (the children and I moved in with her almost 2 years ago), and of course manage the home (shopping, meals, housework, etc).

When everything 'hits' at once - such as a client calling while Grandmother is escaping, dishes need to be done, and a child needs help with homework... all while I have supper on the stove! - I'll usually just throw my hands in the air and laugh. That's life. And around here... it's almost an every day thing ;)

Life away from the computer... Hmmm - is there one??

Kidding ;) I have a favorite show that I watch faithfully every single day - It's an NYPD Blue re-run, I'm not sure which season. It's the one where Connie starts to show an interest in Sipowitz, and Rita and Clark just "got together" after the "Smoker" today. I'm not into spoilers, so dont tell me what happens :p

You have to understand that I am completely homebound with Grandmother. Outside of a quick trip to the grocery store, or taking her with me on "drive thru errands", I rarely leave the house. For now I settle for good movies, good food (mostly take-out) and sometimes Yahoo Games - especially Literati with the kids or with my fellow.

I do miss my freedom, and especially my morning walks, but this is something I committed myself to and am comfortable with for the time being. Prior to moving here, I did most of my work pool-side with a laptop, or on the go with the kids - work in tow. When my time with Grandmother is over, I imagine my life will return to normal with plenty of away-from-the-computer and away-from-the-house time.

It's a good life though, and I honestly couldnt wish for anything else at the moment.

And yes, that is the number here at my home office - so you never know what you might get when you call ;)

~ Lynn