Monday, March 07, 2005

Make It Work

It seems like the weekend went by fast. I say that, but a lot got accomplished too. We got the car cleaned out and washed, went shopping, got groceries, enjoyed some time out and a nice lunch on Saturday afternoon, did a little housework - and even caught up on some work late Saturday night. The kids were out of town for the weekend too, so there were two trips to drop them off and pick them back up.

Time just flies, and there's always a lot to do. I'm sitting here having my morning coffee... looking over the list I just jotted down for the day ahead. Some personal, some business. I have a doctors appt to make for Grandmother, and have to call a new dentist for the children (note: I need to make an appt with mine, too).

I also have court today - but hopefully that will go quick. I was pulled over a few weeks ago (Feb 18th) because my tags had expired... in October (oops!). *blush* I thought they sent a reminder letter on that?! LOL

Life is just busy, and there's a lot to keep up with. I cant even imagine trying to manage it all and raise two kids... and try to keep a 9-to-5 job at the same time. I would have been fired ten times over by now LOL. I dont know how other single parents do it - and I know there are a lot of them out there...

For me, "work" and "life" all just mix together into one big to-do list. Many things even overlap (like folding laundry while I'm making phone calls) - but the main thing that keeps it all moving in the right direction is that I prioritize. I dont try to separate it out... I just throw it all in the pot together and then figure out the best approach from there.

As for task lists, I keep one big one - an ongoing list that I mark things off of and add things to. Things I want, need, need to do, have to get done, should do, ideas, etc. And then I keep a smaller list on a notepad in front of my monitor of "things I am going to get done today".

And that's the goal every morning when I wake up - to get through that small list. Which is prioritized too. Things that dont get marked off are top priority the following morning. And if I happen to get through them all, then I can choose something off of the larger list to work on in any extra time that I have.

It's a good system - or at least it works for me. And making it work means I have freedom and creativity with my career, the choice to continue working from home, time to spend with my family, and many (many!) more options in life that I ever would have had any other way.

That's the key to starting or maintaining an at-home business: just make it work. Whatever it takes. It's worth it. I've been through some insane situations that would have made great 'excuses'. I've taken on a lot more than most people would ever consider - and accomplished it. So whatever your situation, and whatever your goals, just know that it can be done! ;)

Consider every struggle an investment in yourself. And all of the good times... your rewards.