Saturday, March 12, 2005

Ketchup Day

Actually, it's "catch-up day", but when my daughter was 5 she would cock her head to the side and say "Ketchup Day?"... with a big grin. To appease her, I'd always make something that went well with ketchup (which, at 5, was almost anything LOL).

Anyway, Catch-up Day is my day of the week to catch up on all of the things I set to the side while I was working on priority tasks. It's not a set day of the week - just a time when I am caught up and ready to dig in to the things I didnt let distract me while I was "working". Today is that day for me.

It was a busy week as usual here. Not just with work, but also with parent/teacher conferences and dentist appointments and the likes. The dentist was fun, by the way. I took both children on Friday so they got to 'skip school' for the day as their appointment was at 11am and out of town (2 hour drive, round trip).

On the trip we talked about things that we remembered. I started with the day that each of them were born, and then we talked about the places that we lived and the funny things that we remembered about each year. It was a nice ride, and I really enjoyed spending that time with my kids.

Their appointments went well and they seemed to like their new dentist. Afterwards we went out for lunch - then grabbed an ice cream on the way home. It was the most time I've spent with the two of them together in awhile, and I think we all had a nice day together.

When we returned, I got back to work (& Grandma) and they made plans for the night and were gone (sleepovers). It made for a quiet morning on this beautiful Saturday - perfect for a "catch up" day :)