Saturday, March 05, 2005

This Month's Business 2.0

I took the day "off" today and got out of the house. The weather was beautiful, and both of the kids were gone for the weekend, so it turned out to be a perfect day to just get out and clear my mind!

I did a little shopping this morning, washed the car, and then Albert and I joined a friend for lunch at our favorite Sushi bar. We went out for ice cream afterwards, which was the perfect ending to a great day out :-)

While we were riding home I grabbed my March 2005 issue of Business 2.0 and was just flipping through. They have a great article this month about cashing in on real estate - but what stopped me in my tracks was the story on Gary Heavin, founder of Curves (a womens fitness chain).

Here was the question asked:
How do you boost revenue once you've saturated the market?

The answer: Getting people to spend more at existing stores ;)

Now that makes perfect sense - and it's right in line with what we already know about marketing: that the upsell, backend sales, and follow-ups can increase your profit potential tremendously!

But are we really capitalizing - to the fullest extent - on this incredibly simple marketing strategy? How many people are out there working themselves silly trying to bring in more traffic, more subscribers, more buyers... and barely even paying attention to the goldmine they are already sitting on (the traffic/subscribers/buyers they already have) !

If you use PayPal as your primary payment processing system, then you should definitely check out The Customer Manager. Aaron is giving this program away at a ridiculously low price (under 50 bucks) - and it would work wonders for anybody selling primarily online and through PayPal (especially ebay'ers!).

There are other methods too, depending on what your 'system' is - but the point is to sit down and map out a plan for following up with your current visitors & customers. Today! ;)

(and that's it from me - I'm back to my day off ... *grin*)