Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Local Groups

I've been thinking that it would be great to get together with other local online business owners and internet marketers - specifically across the state of Tennessee (which is where I am located).

I've had the opportunity to meet several "locals" online lately - and I'm quite sure there are plenty more out there lurking in the shadows ;)

I'm thinking casual, book a conference room at a comfortable restaurant - maybe Ruby Tuesdays, Red Lobster, O'Charleys... that kind of thing. A simple 'wear jeans and bring your spouse along' type of get-together.

No charge, outside of the price of your meal - and no formalities. Just a good time, out with like-minded people, and an opportunity to meet and exchange ideas with each other. Just like "after hours" at the big events & seminars... without the seminars ;)

So what do you think? Do you want to help me brainstorm the ways I can pull it together - or do you think it'll never fly? I imagine it may start out small - 2 to 3 couples or a group of 5 maybe... and just grow from there.

Dinner out with friends & peers once a month sounds like a grand idea to me! I'd love to hear your thoughts. If there were a few locals in your industry getting together for dinner & drinks once a month - would you find yourself going?