Monday, March 14, 2005

Email Marketing - Alive & Kicking

I've heard the phrase "email marketing is dead" over and over, and quite honestly... it makes me cringe every time. Email marketing is far from dead. The phrase is used more as a marketing tactic for RSS & Blog tools/guides/etc than it is as a truth. (Ironically, I still get regular emails from these folks LOL)

RSS & blogging are excellent marketing tools, mind you - I just dont believe that they take the place of Email Marketing. In fact, I think Email & RSS compliment each other quite well!

All of this really came back to the top of my mind while I was reviewing Craig Perrine's List Profit Secrets course over the weekend. It's another high-dollar course ($997) that is being released later this week.

It crossed my mind that Craig certainly wouldnt release a high ticket item on a topic that is "dead". I'll take that as proof that I'm not alone in my thinking ;)

Craig's course is huge - and I was pleased to see that the affiliate commission was not set at a ridiculous 50%. That immediately raised the value in the back of my mind, and was one of many notes I made while I was going through the material.

I particularly liked the Quick Start Guide (one of several manuals/guides included in the course). Anything with the word "quick" in it is right up my alley :) LOL

In this guide, Craig goes over these 3 key points:

- Choose a market, and determine if there is a good chance of building a list and making money with it

- Setting up your tools & systems

- Turn your list into a steady stream of profit

I really liked the Swipe Files too, and the fact that Craig goes over them in videos (camtasia style) so you can really "get inside his head" on the specific strategies that he used. It sparked a lot of great ideas that I'd like to test out in the coming months with my own lists.

It was all very good, honestly, and I was glad to get my hands on a copy prior to the release. While I feel like I have a good handle on the lists that I manage... I know that there is room for major improvement, too.

You can learn more about Craig by downloading the "Craig Perrine Letter". He is partnered with Nitro Marketing, which is where I heard about him and about his List Profit Secrets Course.

Also, there's a Free Webcast tomorrow (Tue March 15th) with Craig on How To Build a Responsive List. I plan to attend, myself - Definitely listen in if you get a chance. Anyone who has done the research and taken the time to develop a thousand-dollar-course is worth listening to... especially when there's no cost involved!