Friday, June 24, 2005

Google XML Site Maps & XSitePro

from Paul of XSitePro

Have you been reading recently about how you can get your site registered faster in Google by creating a specially formatted site map in XML?

If so you're probably excited about the potential.

You should be.

It's definitely something worth doing and if you are familiar with building site maps and creating XML files it's easily done but if you're not I have some terrific news for you.


LATEST GOOGLE SITE MAP FEATURE BUILT-IN In the new version of XSitePro, which is due out within the next two weeks, there is a new feature that does it for you - YES - absolutely ALL of it! You can just pour yourself a long slow drink, put your feet up, and enjoy the summer sunshine.

There are already lots of great new features in the new release, but I wanted to let you know about the addition of the powerful Google SiteMaps feature because there is such a buzz about it at the moment.

Here's how it works. It's really simple.

1. Just click on the Google Site Maps button in XSitePro.

2. Enter the details for your site

3. Click the publish button to publish your site

...and that's it. Just three steps.

Whenever you publish your site the Google Sitemap XML will be updated automatically. This is very powerful stuff because it means it updates the last modified dates in the XML file without you having to lift a finger (you don't even need to know what an XML file is) and this is something that Google really does like to see.

When you use this new feature the chances of you appearing in the Google search engine sooner rather than later are increased dramatically.

This fabulous new feature will be available in the new release and will be available to all current registered users - it won't cost you a single penny.

So, if you are not currently a registered user of XSitePro don't risk paying extra for the upgrade.

Not only will it provide you with the most sophisticated Google XML Site Map creation tool available, but you'll also get all the other benefits that XSitePro offers!

Just the Google Site Map tool alone would sell for $97 or more so it makes XSitePro the bargain of the century. Make sure you get it now so you don't risk having to pay extra for an upgrade. If you buy it now you are GUARANTEED to get the brand new version at absolutely no additional cost as soon as it is released.

All the best

p.s. Not a user? Check it out!

The Easy Way to Create an Endless Stream of Income-Generating Websites in MINUTES -- not days or weeks!

The Easy Way to Create an Endless Stream of Income-Generating
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