Saturday, June 25, 2005

Ideas Coming Out My Ears!

Boy, lately I just have ideas coming out my ears! I've launched two new websites this week, with a 3rd outlined... added content to current websites... and am working on some strategies to promote sites and increase traffic & commissions (including an offline marketing campaign). I love it when I get on a roll like this!!

Of course, it's very easy to get distracted when you're jumping from one idea to another... so I've decided to sit down tonight and revise my Brain Dump from last month. I need to update the tasks, and also pencil out a "routine" to maintain the sites.

Some sites need content updates, blog posts, pay-per-click campaigns monitored & tweaked, emails to lists... all of them need new relevant inbound links, stats monitored, etc. I think I'll use my large whiteboard to list out and keep up with each of my websites.

Too, I need to work on putting my "commission logs" on the computer. I've been keeping them in a notebook, with commissions from all sources logged by Month. It's getting a bit out of hand, to say the least! As I add new merchants and promote new programs, I am finding that the pages I've used for the past year are just not set up for the level of activity I've got now. Plus it just makes sense. It would enable me to pull reports by month, by merchant, by site, etc.

Ack - that sounds like WORK :-}

Anyway, I'm going to ride this wave and go work on my websites & projects while I've got this huge burst of motivation. Yeah... it's Saturday - but who cares?! Besides, I took off a few hours yesterday to soak up some rays at the pool :) You gotta love this schedule!