Friday, July 01, 2005

Getting Organized

This weekend I'm re-organizing my home office... and moving it into another room. I've just simply grown out of the spot that I'm in, and I'm itching to totally rearrange my work space.

By the time I am done everything will be filed, organized and within reach! I've had so many great ideas lately that my desk was literally piling up with papers and post-it notes and task lists and... well, you wouldnt believe some of the other stuff I found under those :-}

I decided to use a portable file (plastic box with latch & handle that is about the size of a desk drawer for hanging folders) to store all of my' ideas' and current projects, which will make it easy to keep up with everything I have going on... and have it all at my fingertips (but OFF of my desk!).

While I'm at it I am running backups and also revising my 'Brain Dump' (goal) lists. This ought to keep me busy for the weekend, anyway ;) LOL

Have a great one!