Monday, August 15, 2005

2 Minute Favicon

A favicon is the little icon you sometimes see in the address bar of your browser - or when you bookmark a site and it has a unique icon next to it. You'll also notice when you save a link to a website that uses a favicon on your desktop, it has a custom icon.

It's a great way to encourage repeat visitors, to make your link stand out in someone's bookmarks or on someone's desktop.

Anyway, it's really simple to do. Just go to: and click the browse button to select an image on your hard drive. Obviously you want to use your site logo, or an image that represents your site well.

Everything is self-explanatory from there. You will download the favicon it creates for you, unzip it and upload it to your web server, then add a line of code in the head of your web pages. Bingo! The "two minute favicon" ;)

I added a dartboard favicon to my new site. Check it out: Dart Supplies . Bookmark it, and save a shortcut to your desktop, to see how it looks. You can always remove the links you create, of course - but go ahead and play around with it. It's simple enough to do, and I'm sure you'll see the value in this quick task.

Credit goes to Maria of for sharing this resource at the SSWT Forum.