Tuesday, August 09, 2005

A drop in affiliate sales

I've noticed a number of merchants - specifically in the Internet Marketing niche - switching their landing pages to "Name Squeeze" pages instead of the original sales copy. These pages require a name and email address in order for the visitor to get more information, sometimes offering a free report or e-course... other times just offering access to the sales page.

I understand that they are doing this in order to build a targeted list that they can follow up with... and also that any sales made during that process will result in commission for the referring affiliate. However, I've noticed a major decline in conversions with the merchants who are using this method.

Personally, I'd like to see merchants notify their affiliates of these changes in advance - or at least when the change is made. I've only noticed the changes to the landing page after seeing the drop in sales and then checking up on the site to see the reason.

It would be nice, too, if they offered affiliates a choice of landing pages in this situation. That way we could make a decision about our promotions - such as whether we want to promote the "free course/report" or the actual product.

I noticed another merchant made this switchover after a recent promotion that I sent out. I mentioned the product, and gave the link for more information. That link didnt give them the information they were looking for though... it took them to a "name squeeze" page instead. Visitors had no way to get the details or see the price of the product without signing up for a free course...

Your thoughts?