Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Worst "Link Exchange" Email

I take my Link Strategy pretty serious, so when I received a "link exchange email" this morning I took a quick peek. Granted most of them are canned spam... but I usually give them a quick scan anyway to see if they might grab my attention.

This one was the worst requests I had ever read... I had to laugh.

Dear People,

I'm looking forward of making links for our websites that have good page rank on the links directories.

I just want an honest link exchange. If you would like to trade links with me just mail me back on this e-mail address.

Give this to your link guys or webmaster if you have no clue what I am talking about.

Best Regards,
Jessica -----

Dear People?? LOL She really does sound exasperated with the whole ordeal, doesnt she? I removed her last name, by the way - she didnt sign it with the ---- ;)

She never mentions her website address, or which of my sites she is emailing about. I figured it out by the address that she used... but there's not even a links page or directory ON that site. Would I reply to something like this? No... Who would??

It really pays to have half a clue WHO you are emailing when you are seeking inbound links - and also to provide enough detail about the proposed exchange to give the recipient some idea as to whether they are interested or not.

In last week's issue I listed some Q&A on Link Building - most of it coming from really good discussions on various forums around the 'net. If you didnt get a chance to read that issue you can find it at the link below:

--> A good link strategy makes a BIG difference!