Monday, August 22, 2005

Affiliate Site Task List

Now that I have the new affiliate site up, it's time to check over my notes & ideas and put together a task list for the follow-through. This is a critical step that a lot of people skip, but once you get a new website complete you really do have to get the ball rolling - and then keep it rolling.

My current task list for the dart supplies website looks like this:

  • Find new affiliate programs so that I can add:
    practice boards, out charts, flights & shafts
  • Create an autoresponder message for my Dart News mailing list
  • Split the price list into categories
  • Add alt tags throughout the site
  • Install a discussion forum
  • Get inbound links to each of the pages
  • Tweak Adword campaign
  • Submit XML Sitemap to Google
  • Set up a "darter's journal" on
  • Look for content & tips
    (search for articles, good posts on dart forums, reprintable material, etc)
  • Add printable '01 Chart to the site
  • Organize my Dart Links page into categories:
    dart software, dart forums, dart videos, etc

Google still has not indexed this site, but Yahoo did within a few days and MSN followed shortly after. I have been able to drive traffic to the site from Google via Adwords though, so things are off to a good start.

I have a bit to do yet in the Inbound Links department, and of course the blog & sitemap will help as well. I'd better get to work - League starts on Sept 7th and I'd like to have most of this up and ready to go by then ;)