Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Maintaining a Blog

I dont feel inspired to write so much lately, I suppose you've noticed. Sometimes I will sit here and just look at the screen, and then decide that if I have nothing significant to say it's better not to write at all. Other times I think I should just write anyway (which finally won over and resulted in the post you are reading now).

That's the thing about blogging - it requires a commitment of some sort. Unless of course you are doing some kind of "auto blogging" or you have a series of messages set up and make the investment of time upfront to have it posted to your blog at regular intervals.

But that's 'marketing stuff' - I'm talking about true blogging which requires a topic, inspiration, and time to keep it all up.

Most 'true bloggers' dont earn a substantial income from their blogs. A few do, and many more earn income indirectly from their blogs... and the majority just blog because they enjoy it. I would fall into that last category - though I admit that it does contribute to my income and exposure online in some ways (indirectly, for the most part).

I have other blogs and RSS feeds besides this one - more the 'marketing stuff' I mentioned above. Some are updated automatically, others require time & energy. Actually I have lots of 'marketing stuff' - lists, sites, stats, commissions, rankings, etc - and lately I've been putting some thought into what direction I want to take with it all. Where my priorities lie, and where I'd most like to spend my time when I am online.

Nothing definitive has come out of all that thinking just yet... but I will say that I'm feeling re-energized lately, and have been working behind the scenes to get things re-organized. Maybe it's the change of season, or the New Year approaching (quickly, I might add!)... but I'm feeling antsy - in a good kind of way ;)