Saturday, November 19, 2005

Making Money With Content Sites

The most popular method for earning money online with content-based websites has been to blend Google Adsense ads in with your content. Some people even create content websites to promote their own product or service - using those pages to attract search engine traffic and then 'leading' their visitors into the sales pages that contain information about whatever they are selling.

Both are ways of funneling targeted traffic to sales pages - either your own, or a merchants page that you are affiliated with - with the intention of making a sale and earning money.

Smart marketers do one of two things (and usually both):

1) They use their content to PRE-SELL products/services

2) They weave ads or promotional links into their content so that they don't look like "blatant advertising" to their visitors, but instead a valuable related resource.

Let me cut to the chase with you here... It's Saturday afternoon as I sit here writing out this post. I hadn't actually planned on it - in fact, I'm writing rather quick because I have Sushi on my mind and want to get this done and go meet some friends for a great meal and a nice evening out ;)

But as I was surfing the net this morning, I came across one of Michael Fortin's websites (if you don't know him, he's quite famous for his success in the Internet Marketing field). The site got my interest because, quite frankly, I've been doing a lot of things behind the scenes with my own websites to increase my online inc0me.

There are two things motivating me to dig in and put some "real hours" into my online ventures again: 1) I'd like to capitalize on all of the holiday sales over the next four weeks (of course!), and 2) I plan to double my online income in 2006 as part of an overall goal I have set for myself.

I imagine you're thinking along the same lines - it's just that time of year ;)

Anyway, I said I was going to cut to the chase - blah blah blah, right? LOL Okay, here's the link to the site that I mentioned above: Context Cash

Why did the site get my attention?? It's about "Dynamic Contextual Linking" (pretty much just fancy words for "a new way to make even more m0ney from your content pages").

The web page that talks about it (link above) is 22 pages long. In case you aren't up for reading through the entire thing, here are the highlights that really stood out to me:

-> You can use it with a blog!
-> You can use it with multiple sites/blogs
-> You can use it to promote your own products/services/sites
-> They offer STATS (awesome!)

I have sold thousands of dollars worth of merchandise through alone in the last two weeks (and that is one of 20 affiliate programs I have worked with so far this month). I promoted those products "the hard way" - by manually placing links & images on web pages... and then promoting those pages.

I make sales through ClickBank almost daily. These are products that I promote "the hard way", too. I generally set up content pages to pre-sell products, and then work in images and links to the product on the page.

That's why this "Dynamic Contextual Linking" really caught my attention! Check it out for yourself... This could really be the break that you are looking for! :)

The one thing I REALLY loved about it is that you can promote your own websites and products with it. For example, I can have it connect to every time the words "passive income" are used on my website... awesome!

Just go to: Context Cash ... I'd love to hear what you think.