Saturday, November 19, 2005

I Quit Smoking...

Finally. After almost 18 years (yes, I started very young).

I quit being "a smoker" on Wednesday night at 11pm. I've quit twice before for about a year each time (during and after my two pregnancies). Both of those times it was EASY. My body rejected the whole smoking habit naturally, AND I had a great reason to let it go.

This time it has been harder of course, because it's pure choice, but I'm determined to become a non-smoker. To change my lifestyle with a complete turnaround. My goal is to replace the pepsi & smokes with water & exercise.

The water is a great hand-to-mouth replacement habit, as well as a great way to flush your body of toxins and get you on the track to shaping back up...

On Thursday I drank 36 oz of water. On Friday I drank 72 oz of water. On both days I also did a cardio work-out (increasing my time by 3-5 minutes/day).

Many people find that they gain weight when they quit smoking - but I am just the opposite. For me, the soda and junk food go along with the cigarettes. As a person that smokeD with a soda in hand, and smokeD 2 packs a day... I was drinking 8-10 sodas a day (at 150 calories each). In addition to the weight gain, that many sodas will send you straight to the dentist. (I've spent thousands there already).

NOT SMOKING has A LOT of benefits.

In addition to transforming into the person that I see myself as in as little as 6-12 months (which is a great motivator!!)... I know that if I smoke again, I will wake up every single morning disappointed with myself. Sick at myself. Hating that I smoke. That I couldnt "do it". And that IS NOT how I want to feel, or who I want to be.

It's a stupid, unhealthy, expensive habit.

It's not just about quitting... it's about changing. I'll be working out every day, and drinking LOTS of water on top of not smoking cigs. I can see myself 6 months from now - a perfect visual. Feeling better, looking better, definitely smelling better ;) haha!

I'm going for a NEW ME. Anyone want to join me?

This is actually my New Years Resolution for 2006... but I decided not to wait. Instead, I intend to have all of my bad habits changed over to good habits by January 1st so that I can start the New Year with a clean slate, and a new lifestyle!