Monday, January 30, 2006

About Butterfly Marketing

Here we are at the end of the month, and you've probably been hearing about the Butterfly Marketing promotion just as much as I have (if not more). This will be one of those product launches that goes down in Internet Marketing history, no doubt.

A couple of weeks ago, I posted some candid thoughts on the Butterfly Marketing campaign. I have not yet received a review copy of this package, so I can't give you any more information just yet. From what I understand it is on its way (checking watch)...

At any rate, if you haven’t checked it out lately (the BM pre-launch site), you should take a minute to watch Mike's most recent video, which is a walk-through of his PayPal account. It's quite an eye-opener.

I have no clue exactly what the Butterfly Marketing package is about, exactly... but each email that rolls out gives just a little more information, and a few more hints. If you havent seen them yourself, these testimonials came out in one of the last few emails - which gives a basic idea of what we might expect from the course:

Joe Cooper -
"Within two days of launching the site, I had already made back more than my entire investment in Mike's Package - just from the upsell sales!

I received close to 7,000 new subscribers in the first 7 days, and dozens of sales. I have not promoted the site at all other than those first five JV partners and that one email, but the site is still growing by usually 20-50 members a day.

At the last count, I have 14,367 members and I have had a total of 307 upsells at $97 each - giving a gross income so far of $29,779."

Keith Wellman -
"I was in a dead end job, baby on the way, and my marriage was suffering from the stress.

After using Butterfly Marketing, I made $3500 in my first month, $5000 in my next, $7000 in my next month, and I just quit my Job and my now mea and my HAPPY FAMILY are moving to Atlanta.

I made over $15,000 just last month and it all started with Butterfly Marketing."

Tom Beal -
"You launching Butterfly Marketing has created a butterfly effect that I feel will ripple on for generations to come.

I just had a very soft launch I began seeing an amazing phenomenon. People began referring people through their automatically generated affiliate links and within days I had 79 referral signups with 4 - $97 upsell sales.

I am now seeing an ongoing list and making $100 per day. 'Thank you' just doesn't seem powerful enough of a phrase to express the gratitude I have for you and your product, Mike!"

There is a call tonight that will explain more -

Monday, January 30th - at 9PM, EST.

Here are the details that I have on that:

Speakers - Mark Joyner / Mike Filsaime
Capacity - 1000 members across 2 phone lines
(2000 additional via Webcast)

Call Information - Look out for details in next emails.

Topic - Mike Filsaime agrees to Mark Joyner's Request to a "No-Holds-Barred' Interview surrounding the launch of

Mark may ask 'ANY' questions related to the Launch. i.e. - Product Details, Price, Launch Strategies, Launch Day Bonuses, goal sales... You name it.

Nothing will be held back...


Mike also said:

"I am also going to give away some strategies I have never told anyone about before. It is based on information Mark Joyner shared with me and the research blew my mind and will blow you away to. You may never send out another email at the same time of day again...

Also, not only am I giving away a free copy of Butterfly Marketing on Saturday, I am also going to GIVE AWAY ADDITIONAL FREE COURSE to a random person on the call. The name of the winner will be said just before I show the sneak preview sales page!

You need to be on the call to win this free course."

Click Here to Get On The Call

So there you have it. This is obviously worth following, so if you arent "on the list" yet, make sure you sign up and get in on the call at least ;)

I do have more thoughts, but I'll save those for another post...