Saturday, January 21, 2006

Week Three - 2006

While the first two weeks of the year seemed to go really well, this past week was just the opposite. It just seemed to be a little scattered and distracted... but I guess that's life :p

My daughter came down with a cold at the beginning of the week, that I ended up with by week's end. Add in there that they had Monday off from school, and then a snow day on Wednesday... and a few other unexpected things that life threw at me, and it was just an all around crazy week! LOL

So here it is Saturday morning - time to go over the week behind me, and pencil in the plans for the week ahead. I was going over my stats this morning to get some bearing, and noticed that sales are down overall - across all of my sites. Search engine rankings are starting to rise in some places though, which is driving new traffic and should give things a boost.

It's normal for sales to wind down a bit just after the holidays, of course - and it seems like a big drop after the rush of holiday sales in November and December - but having been at this for several seasons I see it as a normal trend for this time of year. No concerns there...

That said, it does make me take a second look at ways that I can increase profit potential across my niche sites year round. So that is my focus for the week ahead: analyzing each of my niche/affiliate sites and making notes for improvements.