Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Snow Day!

While I was driving home last night, there were big wet flakes coming down like crazy. It had been raining all day, and by dark there was standing water in the roads and puddles everywhere. Ann Marie and I were taking turns wiping the 'fog' off of the car windows so that we could see out, both tired and just ready to get home.

When the snow started, the flakes were so big and wet that they almost slapped the windshield. I said "Look, it's snowing!". We both looked up at the street light as we passed it and we could see the snow was really coming down... it was beautiful. We were just getting into town where there were more lights, and Ann Marie stayed glued to the car window watching the snow fall.

Where it had just been a dreary and drenching rain all day, now it was this beautiful white swirling that filled the sky. We were both all smiles, and she was clapping her hands and saying that school would probably be out :)

It's hard to tell in Tennessee anymore. We go from 60 degrees to snow and back to 60 degrees again. All in the same week.

I got up before dawn this morning and peeked out. Hmm, still too dark to see much. I got online and checked the school closings, and sure enough - we had a snow day! :-D

I tiptoed into the kids rooms and turned off their alarm clocks, then tiptoed back out closing their doors. Might as well let them sleep in, right?

Then I put on my housecoat and made a big pot of coffee. It's going to be a nice day :)