Saturday, January 14, 2006

Week Two - 2006

This second week of January proved to be just as productive, and (thankfully) even more organized than the first. As I mentioned last Saturday, I am sitting down at the end of each week to go over goals & plans and to map out the week ahead. A new weekly habit, if you will, to keep me on target and to analyze progress across the board.

This week my main focus was the Turning Ideas Into Dollars site. I manage this membership portal alongside my partner Andre Chaperon. We ended 2005 with a great discussion about the changes we would like to make within the site for the coming year, and so we have been 'in progress' with those plans for the last few weeks.

Our plans included moving the site to a dedicated server, changing our CMS (content management system) from Mambo to WordPress, and bringing in a few new Advisors. We also outlined the new content and tutorials for the coming year, and moved our mailing lists over to Aweber.

All said and done, we made a lot of progress this past week, and have things moving forward at a steady pace. It may be a bit 'under construction' at the moment, but will be well worth the wait for active members ;)

Other things that I accomplished this week included: getting final payment from each of the affiliate merchants that owed me past due commissions (link), setting up Valentines promotions for a couple of my affiliate sites, outlining my seasonal promotions for my niche mailing lists, and making a few updates on several of my websites.

All in all, a very productive week!

So what about you? How did your 2nd week of the New Year go... and what kind of progress did you make with your goals & resolutions?

Oh! And I told you I would give you a link to the Body Challenge that I joined last week. You can find that here: . Should be fun!