Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Free Guides from the Archives

I was just going through some of the Archives of my site & newsletter, and came across several free guides and great resources that were worth mentioning again. If you missed these the first time around, here's your chance to pick up some great material - free!

1) How to Make Six Figures Online
In this Blueprint for Success, Jimmy D. Brown gives us three foolproof steps - and a very specific action plan - for building a $100,000/year business online.

(You have permission to resell or reprint this report)

NEW: Jimmy D. Brown just released this timely video: How To Get Everything You Want In Your Busines and Life in 2006

Jimmy says, "Do you want 2006 to be YOUR year for success, instead of letting another 12 months pass you by?" If so, check out the video!

2) WordTracker's Keyword Research Guide
This 75-page guide features leading experts in the SEO industry and asks them to provide keyword advice to a fictional company selling vegetarian dog food online. WordTracker is the industry leader in keyword research tools. You can download their new guide for free - no strings attached, no list to join. Be sure to grab a copy!

3) How to Have Your Subscribers Lining Up To Read Your Emails While Deleting Your Competition!
This is a report by Lisa Preston that I really enjoyed myself. As the developer of Instant Niche Emails, she knows what she is talking about when it comes to email marketing ;)

4) Free SEO Tips
This is a link to Aaron Wall's SEO Blog. Aaron offers offers search engine optimization tips, an SEO ebook for sale, and covers current search engine news. Got search engine questions? Ask Aaron!

5) Free SEO Course
SEO Expert, Brad Callen spills the beans and reveals the closely guarded secrets of the world's greatest search engine experts... all for FREE!

6) NEW: Paul Smithson just released a terrific little report on Setting Goals. You can download a copy here:

In this report, Paul shows us how to turn resolutions into achievable goals. You'll also learn how to have "balanced goals" - and why this is (so!) important.