Tuesday, January 03, 2006

What I am listening to right now...

I just got an email from Jeff Johnson (the Search Engine Voodoo guy) with a link to an audio interview that I decided to listen in to. Here is a copy of that message:


I recorded an interview today (1-2-06) with an expert about a topic that is of great interest to both SEO and non-SEO marketers looking for new ways to generate tons of high-quality free traffic.

It also puts your incoming links campaign on auto-pilot and can help increase your existing rankings.

Not to mention generate hundreds of thousands of dollars in sales and free publicity if done correctly.

You can get started with the techniques outlined in this call recording with zero upfront costs.
Best of all, it only takes a few minutes to learn and anyone who can type can take advantage of these techniques.

The call only lasted about 30 minutes so it is definitely worth the time to listen.

Here is the free call recording:


The link above is not an affiliate link - or at least it is not mine. This is the same link that was in Jeff's email, and it opens the audio file directly (it doesnt take you to a web page). I assume it is Jeff's tracking link to determine how many people listen to the interview.

At any rate, I am listening in now - and will post comments on it later. I thought you might want to listen in too...

Edited to add: In the first few moments of the audio, I learned that this interview includes Marc Harty and is on the topic of Press Releases. Great stuff so far! I actually met Marc at the Publishing Profits Seminar in Chicago just over a year ago.

Here you can see a photo of us at that seminar: Fabio Marciano on the left, myself in the middle and Marc Harty on the right: