Thursday, September 16, 2004

Brad Fallon & Yahoo

Did I tell you that I had a chance to speak with Brad Fallon? You may remember from previous entries that I was interested in his product (Stomping the Search Engines) because of his success with a Yahoo Store. However, when I read over his sales copy, it mentioned "dominating Google".

I wrote him a quick note, letting him know my primary interest was Yahoo Optimization, and he gave me a reply right away:

Hey Lynn,
Yes, Yahoo is covered just as much! (In fact, you can see the example of one of my sites,, ranks #2 on Google and #1 on Yahoo for "wedding favors.")
But Google gets more traffic -- and people always want to hear about it
-- plus, it's just harder to say "google and yahoo" every time.
Hope that helps!
Brad Fallon

I ran across several posts on his Blog at that backed that up with some pretty interesting (and unsolicited) testimonials. So - this is what I've settled on, and it's audio too, which is super-cool! I can actually multi-task and absorb this information while I'm working ;)

He also mentioned opening up a forum for customers of StSE called "The Stomping Ground". Sounds like a place I definitely want to be! The timing on this product couldnt be better what with the holiday online shopping season just around the corner. (Now is the time to get to work if you plan to be on top!)

I'm working on a new site template for SSWT. I'm not entirely satisfied with it, but hopefully I'll get it in some usable order in the very near future.