Wednesday, September 15, 2004

I Love this Gadget!

Now this is cool:

Behind the Scenes with Lynn Terry

Don't ya think? Get yours, and sport those blog topics in your sig! You can grab one (free!) at . I think it would be cool if Paul over at would post these neato gadgets with the Blog listings in his directory - how cool would that be? (hint hint wink, Paul!)

Another cool program they have is FeedDemon - you gotta download the trial version of this one and check it out! It is a desktop application that allows you to add ALL of the Blogs you frequent, and then you can read them, browse, search and even post comments to them - all from within this one program! No more visiting blog after blog after blog, and having to click click click to check out the comments etc. Nope - now it's all quick & easy, and all in one spot ;)

So whose Blogs do I have stored in MY FeedDemon? I'm not tellin' :p

But hey - Andre - you need to get a feed! How can I spy on you if you dont have a feed?!