Wednesday, September 15, 2004


I had a record number of unsubscribers after sending out today's issue of Self-Starters Weekly Tips : five.

That's so insanely unusual that I had to go back and read over my newsletter again, as I admit that I did it under heavy medication and put it together a bit faster than usual. Hmm - not so bad. Those are all the things I ran across or checked out myself this week - that were worth mentioning, anyway. Ahh well.

Following are the comments that were left:

1) Too much mail coming in and no time to read it!
  • hey, no problem - I can relate to that!
2) No reason
  • LOL, ok
3) this person clicked the [spam] button in her AOL mailbox
  • that one really gets me. {sigh}
4) I am going to be traveling with no internet access in the foreseeable future
  • Understood. Have a great trip!
  • Is that an oxymoron? Seriously - I think she's telling me that I talk too much and dont say anything useful. Noted ;)

I received many more positive responses, of course - so all is well in the grand scheme of things. Unsubscribers are just so rare, it caught me off guard to get five in one day! So of course, next week it's back to the regular format! ;)