Thursday, September 16, 2004

My Apology to the Yahoo'ers

I'm absolutely in love with FeedDemon - this is THE spot that I go for all my Bloggin' now. I'd seen the buttons to add Blogs to My Yahoo, but that doesnt appeal to me at all - in fact, I rarely ever use Yahoo for *anything* anymore. I dont use the IM, the Search - none of it.

However, I was surfing my Forum this morning and was given a good DUH moment while reading the posts there by Carrie & Stefani. That part of the thread starts here. Basically, they made the point that it doesnt matter what I like and what I use - there are millions of Yahoo'ers out there that DO like it and DO use it.

Point made. And you'll now notice a button to the right that will allow you to add this Feed to your Yahoo. I apologize for not making this available sooner to those of you that use Yahoo regularly. I'm certainly not prejudiced against Yahoo... I was simply being close-minded :)

Ironically, when I woke up and fired up my computer this morning... the Yahoo Toolbar appeared on my browser. I took that off months ago. {insert Twilight Zone music}