Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Studying Sales Copy

Sales Copy is one of my favorite topics lately! I'm currently reading Order Button Triggers by Michael Nicholas. I ordered it last week after reading an interview transcript with Frank Garon on the same topic. I subscribe to Frank's newsletter, but to be honest - I dont read it anymore. My friend Andre enjoys it and recommended it, but to each his own... I feel too much 'hype & sell' coming through those emails.

That's the cool thing about Andre and I, though - we're complete opposites! Well, not entirely - we do have some common objectives and goals... and we share a passion for teaching IM & sharing our experiences in a no-hype atmosphere. I believe our differences is what makes Turning Ideas Into Dollars such a hit, though - two completely different perspectives offers twice as much insight into various topics for our Members ;) Andre and I teamed up and created this site together last Spring... it's been an absolute blast so far!

Anyway, that's *one* of the reasons I'm reading OBT. I've been skipping around through it all week, and finally decided to print it out this morning so that I could really dig into it (with an ink pen and a highlighter! lol). It's 198 pages, and I have to admit... I'm really impressed with Michael Nicholas so far - this stuff is GOOD. Right now I'm engrossed in the Case Studies and I'll tell you - I'll *never* look at Sales Copy the same again! I understand the basics, yes, but what Michael does here is nothing short of mind-blowing in my eyes!

I plan to use what I learn here in three of my current projects. One is to revamp the sales letter for the TIID site. Andre and I are getting ready to begin the next phase of our Marketing Strategy, and so we're tweaking the sales copy and preparing for a split test and a round of conversion tracking. I'm also writing my very first "Sales Letter" from scratch for an affiliate product - not as easy as I thought it was going to be! I have all of the basics covered on it already... but it's lacking something. And, of course the third project: the Sales Letter for my new (coming soon) software program!

I've also been reading The Step-by-Step SEO Copywriting Course by Karon Thackston. I ordered it last month, and it really appeals to me as Karon has a much softer style of writing & selling. No in-your-face "you've GOT to buy this or you're going to DIE DIE DIE", but rather she talks heavily about reader's reactions, the differences in target markets, the differences between features and benefits (a common misconception) - - and she does it all in a very informative and helpful way. Also - I bought her course from her website... so that goes a long way in telling me she knows what she's talking about ;) It's a huge comprehensive course - tons of gems in that one!

I'm off to work... gotta make those clients happy! ;)
(Contrary to popular belief - I dont make my living posting on forums or sending out newsletters! :p )

My Goof for the day: Remember that new toner cartridge I bought yesterday? Well, I forgot to peel the protective strip off before I stuck it in the printer and started on the 198 page print job. Go figure! :p