Monday, October 18, 2004

Blogging Statistics: 71% Say...

Once again quoting Debbie Weil of , the following comes from her latest email promoting the BlogWrite Teleseminar, that will focus on how to minimize the time it takes to write and maintain a business blog. See for more information on that event

Lack of Time Is Top Obstacle to Blogging

Over 70% of respondents to a WordBiz survey report lack of time is their key concern to managing a business blog.

In addition:

- 45% of you are unsure what to write about

- 18% question whether the content needs to be edited or pre-approved

- 15% wonder who would be responsible for the writing

Yet, when asked if you have considered starting a business blog, more than 80% responded yes.


I can see the top two - lack of time, and unsure what to write about - being obstacles in maintaining a blog. Fortunately, I dont have those issues, and enjoy blogging as much as I enjoy my morning coffee.

I would venture to guess that anyone that does have those issues needs to rethink their strategy. Writing a newsletter, blogging, networking on forums... these things shouldnt be considered a "chore" in my opinion. And if they are - you arent doing it right!

Listen up - If you don't LOVE doing it, chances are... it's not working for you anyway ;)