Saturday, October 16, 2004

Internet Marketing Prophecies

Several posts ago I mentioned my feelings on the possibility of a virtual earthquake at GuruDAQ - meaning, I feel that things are really shaking up in the Internet Marketing industry, and there's a whole slew of new folks on the rise.

Now, I'm no prophet - this is just gut instinct, or in the worst case 'just my take on it'. But I'm feeling fairly strong about it nonetheless.

I've been keeping a close eye on the IM circuit since I first noticed the subtle changes, and then the more recent and more obvious instances that got people talking. I'm not alone in my observations, though I doubt any of us can truly predict where it's all heading.

One thing I would bet on, though, is that the 2005 events - seminars, conferences, etc - will be quite interesting. Who's speaking, the turn of topics... all of it.

Now its nothing new for an unkown name to rise up and claim the title of Expert or Guru with a timely product or book - we've seen that happen over and over again. What's interesting is that we dont really know "what comes next". Just in the last three years alone, a serious amount of IM History has been made - which, done in detail, would make for one hell of a book.

Rudl doesnt rule the roost anymore. Joyner left the scene. The people who are "at the top" now are 3 year veterans for the most part, with a few exceptions - "old timers" who've been around 6-10 years.

And like they say about roaches... for every one that you know or see, there are thousands more behind the scenes. They are quietly earning their fortunes - with no need to share their secrets or become famous for their success. Those people are incredibly interesting. You'll find them at conferences and seminars, and if you're lucky enough to get a drink or two in them after hours... you can often learn more than you did from the entire event itself.

Remember 5 years ago? Y2K was the hottest topic on the planet. Where were you then? And how do you feel about it now, looking back? (Seems like forever ago, doesnt it?)

Technology is changing every day, and it's changing lives. Faster right here than it ever has anywhere else. A simple southern woman like me isnt stuck waiting tables to make ends meet, or worse - marrying out of necessity. We have choices now that our parents didnt have - options that we werent even aware of when we were pursuing an education as young adults. It's no wonder that there is a lack of support out there - they can hardly fathom what we're doing, much less what we are dreaming!

So what's around the bend? Who will be in and who will be out? It could be anyone's guess, I suppose... but there are definitely signs. The question is: when the dust settles, where will YOU be left standing?

My advice: dont get caught up in "current methods" or Internet Marketing fads. Pave your own road - define your own success. Build strong alliances that are based on rock-solid foundations, and position yourself strategically.

Everything that we do - every single day - is taking us closer to reaching our Goals in life and business. Take deliberate steps, even if they are small ones, because you will end up exactly where you guide yourself.