Thursday, October 07, 2004

Deadline Set!

This morning I was going over my calendar for October, making note of upcoming events and such... and I jotted down a note in the 10/11 box to go live with my site template. It was spontaneous, and I had to step back and ask myself if it was realistic. Sure it is, I thought. It doesnt have to be perfect. It doesnt have to be completed. The logo or header doesnt even have to be done - I can always go with the plain jane text header I have now - worst case scenario, and add the graphics as they're ready... Right?

Right. And that's what I'm gonna do. My reason? I have a goal to accomplish this month, and many of the new sections and updated pages will make that happen. Besides, if I never set a deadline - or a definite launch date - this may just drag out for several more months!

Then, during lunch, I read the 'Stomper Update' by Brad Fallon, in which he said: Remember, the #1 rule of internet marketing: watch out for analysis paralysis. Just take action and make positive improvements every day.

I think he wrote that just for me, whether he realized it or not ;)