Tuesday, September 21, 2004

1,000,001 Things

Do you ever feel like you have a million and one things to do, or a million and one things on your mind? Do you ever feel just plain overwhelmed with all of the things on your mind, all of the things on your task list... and all of the things on your desk?

That's me this morning.

It's going to take a strict schedule to get it all back on track, and that's what is on my plate for today. It's a matter of prioritizing it all, then doing one thing after the other until it just gets DONE. One or two good accomplishments off the top of that list will give you the momentum to keep going all day long! That's what works for me, anyway.

I should put on a big pot of coffee.

I was disappointed to wake up this morning *still* not feeling well. Today is day 10 on the 10-day antibiotic (round 2!). I feel like taking a dose of Nyquil and going back to bed :( No chance of that, though, LOL.

One of the 1,000,001 things that is dancing around in my head this morning is that Christmas is something like a hundred days away. I dont know the exact count - but it's close, whatever it is. This is a double whammy of course... as there's the ham and the tree and the gifts and the family - AND - the sales and the SEO and the customer service and everything business as it relates to the holiday shopping season. That'll keep us women busy, huh? LOL

Fortunately, I have something HUGE to motivate me through all of that madness (let's face it - there is no break between now and the end of the year for most of us!). It's the fact that I'll be packing up, heading across the country, and boarding a Cruise in February. When you have something like that to look forward to, you can get through anything ;) It will be the first big trip I've taken the kids on since 1998, and I absolutely cant wait! To top it off, it will be a chance to see several of my good friends again, and meet many more!

Ahh, but for now - back to today's task list, starting with that big pot of coffee... How about you check back in with me later today - hold me accountable - and let's see how much I can get accomplished on this list of mine ;)