Tuesday, September 21, 2004

What's on Your 'Done' List?

I started out feeling a little overwhelmed this morning, so I decided to do things a bit different today. Instead of a "to-do list" -> I started with a blank piece of paper and decided to create an "I'm Done! list"

Since I no longer have a boss to create havoc on my work day, I have to count on myself to keep things interesting around here ;)

So, yes - I made that big pot of coffee... and then while I was out dropping the kids off at school, I picked up some Dayquil and took a dose of that. I cleared off my workspace, grabbed my favorite plant and set it on my desk beside me, and sat down to find a starting point.

Jennie showed up around 8:30am to clean house (Man, I love her!!) so I gave her some general directions about what I wanted this week, and continued to work. Grandmother was napping this morning, too, so it was particularly nice - I felt like a lot got accomplished in a short amount of time! ...for a change, LOL ;)

Anyway - Task #1: I had to dig out the manual for EasyClickMate as I had a little maintenance to do on Fabio's affiliate database. I finally found the answer I was looking for on Adrian's support forum, as apparently others had the same issue too. By the way, his affiliate programs convert VERY well, and his products are *fabulous*, so you may want to sign up, yourself: www.CashMoreChecks.com . There's relatively no competition at this point, so if you get in quick you could make an impressive amount in commissions. Some of his products include:





Definitely hot items ;) He's also launching 30DayExpert.com this week with Ewen Chia, so I'm looking forward to checking that one out as well. Anyway, got those things accomplished...

I fixed Grandmother's lunch, threw the laundry in the washer and settled up with Jennie. I sat back down and checked my email - a nice note there from Merle over at EzineAdAuction.com :) By the way, the first of the two solo ads that I purchased there last week ran yesterday. No results, though -noted that on my list of ezines NOT to advertise in again ;) I look forward to seeing how the second ezine does... And will of course continue to test more!

On to Task #2 - a template for The Mom Show at World Talk Radio. You can see the rough draft here: rough draft. I'm really having a creative block lately (too much caffiene & cold meds, I'm sure). I'll continue working on it, and in the meantime - if you have any suggestions, I'm all ears.

Next I finished up Task #3 - which was my rounds on the Forums that I own and/or moderate. This was less like a task, and more like a 'break' as I really enjoy the time that I spend there with those groups... great folks, fun topics!

On my own Forum, I noticed a new Member and clicked through to check out the profile. They have a pretty cool link: Journal Genie - some of you bloggers may enjoy that one! ;)

Now that I have my main tasks completed, I can get on to the 'fun stuff' - namely my email, and creating this week's issue of SSWT ;)

My LOW for the day: I coughed *all* day, and my throat is getting more sore by the minute. Looking over at my calendar, I have an audio interview scheduled for Thursday evening (only 48 hours away). Time for a quick remedy of some sort!

My HIGH for the day: I got back in my old jeans!! I've lost right at 5lbs in the last week, which was just enough to do the trick. How did I do it? I started drinking water: 32oz/day - and kept at it consistently. Here's hoping we can melt off a few more pounds this coming week ;)

All in all, reporting in with a good day under my belt - and sporting my favorite pair of Levi's, at that! I'm off to kick out a hundred or so emails, and get to work on putting those tips together for the faithful sswt readers out there.

So what about you - what's on your 'done list' for the day?