Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Private Label Feed

Another Way To EARN $$!

I received an email yesterday from Dave Teleposky at SearchFeed, and having signed up some time ago I have to admit that I hadn't really taken the opportunity to check out the full scope of what they offer. When I did - I was impressed!

First, there is no cost to sign up - so if you haven't already done so, you can create your account here.

You'll find this program is VERY similar to Google Adsense, in that it displays content-relative results on your web pages - - and you are paid for every click-through. But in addition to that earning potential, you can also refer new affiliates and advertisers and earn a % from their account!

More Info:

With's Private Label Feed (PLF) program, Web publishers are provided with a way to offer relevant information while earning additional revenue. By complimenting existing site content with our feed, Web publishers experience an increase in page views, in addition to an overall increase in time each visitor spends on the site. In most cases, relevant content integration encourages user returns. Simple integration tools and a responsive support team ensure an already successful business model will continue uninterrupted.

Advantages of's Private Label Feed:

-> Flexible integration options include XML, JavaScript, Text and iframe
-> A wide range of online tools simplify account management
-> Real-time reports provide instantaneous feedback about revenue earned
-> Content can be personalized to blend with existing site layout
-> Extensions such as "family friendly" filters to better match listings to a particular audience
-> When working with other feed providers, can assist in parsing data, removing duplicate listings, etc. to avoid excess resources
-> Personalized services and support provide extended benefits

I created a *very basic* Example for you, which you can see by scrolling to the bottom of this page:

How much can you earn?

* Percentage of click revenue 35%-50%
* Commission for referring advertisers 5%-7%
* Commission for referring partners 2%-5%

Again, see the Example here, and imagine the potential that this program could have for YOU:

(Note: This was done in 5 MINUTES flat! A simple copy & paste. I'm sure YOU can come up with many more interesting & profitable uses for this content-relative Private Label Feed!)