Thursday, October 07, 2004

Installing WordPress

I've just gotta Blog this, cuz I feel like such a moron! Remember a couple of posts back when I was hem-hawing around about a 'permanent' blog solution? I was looking at WordPress and Serendipity. The main reason I want to host my Blog on my own servers is full control and full-blown stats. I've had the "" domain for way longer than I've actually had the blog - and now that I'm done test-driving this whole concept... I'm ready to dig in and be an official 'Blogger' :)

Well, I was digging around in my cpanel tonight - looking up some info for Sam who asked a question about ThirdSphere on my discussion forum. I've been hosting with them for around 6 months now, but I still have just barely scratched the surface on all they have to offer. And yes, this is the same host I recommend that has a residual commission structure. You can check them out here:

Anyway, it turns out that WordPress is offered right there within the control panel - one click installation! So I pointed the domain, set up the account under my main domain, and installed WordPress to the new account. Bam - 5 minutes flat and we're done!

Remind me the next time I go looking for something that it's probably right under my nose :p

Okay, so now what? Is it goodbye Blogger and hello WordPress... is it really that simple? What about all of the inbound links to this url ( Blog-hopping has its drawbacks, right? Hmm - I'll head over to the forum and get some feedback on this one...